Sunday, December 27, 2020

A Festive #Yuletide - Weekend #Baking Sugar Cookies #Christmas

During Christmas in July this year, I shared a recipe for Amish Sugar Cookies, a favorite I've whipped up during the pandemic many times. I really love to bake, but for some reason, during the holidays this year, I lacked motivation or any desire to bake cookies...something I love to do every year. I simply could not muster the gumption or inclination to make roll out dough and royal icing. So, I looked for shortcuts. I wanted to be able to outline, and fill in by flooding, the cookies without having to mix up multiple batches of icing. I've tried frosting with canned cake frosting before, but I wanted a more streamlined look. Well, I found an idea by Googling it.

This lady suggested halving the can of frosting. Half a can as is in a piping bag with piping tip (I use cake decorator squeeze bottles with piping tips) and the other half, melt in the microwave (15-20 seconds), stir and place in a squeeze bottle (I bought a few extras from Walmart- very affordable). I used white, blue, red, and green frosting from the can. Yes, they do sell those vibrant colors (again, Walmart came through). Thanks to my sis for the heads up. Now, I outlined with the plain white, and the colors, and only flooded with melted frosting in white. I didn't want to mess with flooding all the different colors since I was going to be using sprinkles anyway. 

My second dilemma was an alternative to rolling out and cutting the cookies. I have a ton of lovely Christmas cookie cutters, but I just wasn't in to the hassle this year. Then I had an idea. Why not make Amish Sugar Cookies, but just a little different than the normal way. I mixed up the batch and once I was ready to bake, I scooped each cookie (approximately 1.5 tablespoon) and then rolled it into a ball. I placed the balls on the baking sheet (lined with parchment paper), as directed. Then I flattened each cookie with the bottom of a glass dipped in flour. After baking, the cookies came out almost perfectly round. VoilĂ ! Ornaments! I decorated with the frosting (as above) and sprinkles. Here's some of my finished product (I still have more to decorate). They're not perfect, but pretty nonetheless, in my opinion. 

Visit this post for the Amish Sugar Cookies recipe.
The frosting technique can be found at Lady Behind the Curtain.

Always in spirit...

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