Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A Festive #Yuletide - It is a Wonderful Life #Christmas

I was watching that quintessential classic, It's A Wonderful Life tonight while I was decorating more cookies. (As many know, I like to keep my Yuletide celebrations going until Twelfth Night.) I usually watch this movie every year, but this year something was different. The message meant more to me. At the end, I was in tears. I've always been touched by this film, but this year, it really made me reflect. 

We've all had a rough year...the entire world. Many have lost loved ones, friends. We've been separated from our families and our social groups. Our way of life is not the same. Will it ever be? These are the questions and these are the struggles we are all having. 

As I look ahead to the new year with hope, I keep in my mind the message of It's a Wonderful Life. It IS a wonderful life. Every single one of us matter. Every one of us would be missed if we were gone. Every life we have ever touched would be changed forever if we never existed. 

So, think on it. I know it's hard right now, but just being alive is wonderful. Our family and friends knowing we are out there somewhere, and finding comfort in it, is wonderful. Hope is wonderful, and so is love. 

It really, truly is a wonderful life. 

Always in spirit...


  1. Thanks, Michelle! I have watched a LOT of Christmas movies this year, but they have felt a little surreal, as if beamed in from another universe, where people gather and congregate and celebrate, and solutions to problems are ready at hand. "It's a Wonderful Life" is different. The problems George faces are real and they have a tangible quality of desperation. Solutions demand all he has to give and he is running low, empty of hope. Then the love he has given is returned in amazing ways, and he is transformed. Big problems call for so much coming together in love and hope. This feels very "right now."💖

    1. Agree completely. It's definitely a movie where the message means so much more this year. Thank you for reading, my friend.


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