Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2019 Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

Yesterday was the last day of the challenge. How did you do? If you have any reviews left to add, the linky will remain in the sidebar menu.

I did not sign up officially and only managed three books (one being an audio book).

Here's what I read:

The Tin Cookie Cutter, Barbara Briggs Ward (Review)
Boo Humbug, Rene Gutteridge (audio)
The Greatest Christmas Stories of All Time, Various Authors (I shared a couple of stories here on the blog)

If you completed a wrap-up post, feel free to link it below. It's the same linky as the sign-up so just add "wrap-up" when you enter your name, like so "Michelle@truebookaddict-Wrap-up" (you don't have to put a blog name, you can just put your name).

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Thank you for joining me for another year! See you next year!

Always in spirit...

The season is over. Now what? Ideas for keeping the spirit going

No one who truly loves Christmas can honestly say they are glad the season is over. For many of us, it can actually be a depressing time. A goal I have, and the actual theme of this blog, is to keep the spirit going all year long. So, how do we do it?

Gift giving can continue...

How about giving "just because" gifts throughout the year? Surprise your football player with a new football. Give your parents a weekend at a fabulous B&B. Give your significant other something special beyond a gift, whatever that means for you (do a chore they hate to do, or come up with something else *wink*) Extend the gift giving beyond just your loved ones. Make up small care packages in zip-lock bags with personal care items, etc. from the Dollar Store/Dollar Tree (also slip in a $5 bill) and keep them in your car. When you see a homeless person on a corner, give it to them. Random acts of kindness like this can really help to keep the spirit of giving alive...all year round.

A card out of nowhere...

Each time you're at the store, pick out a lovely card...and send it to someone out of the blue. You would be surprised how much a written note can mean. Another idea. Send out Christmas cards during Christmas in July. Yeah, some may think you kooky, but those who truly love Christmas will really appreciate it.

Give your time...

Many make it a point to volunteer during the holidays, but how about year round (which I'm sure many of you already do). If you don't have the time, donate money to a charity close to your heart. Monthly, if you can afford it. Even a small amount donated is a help to many charities.

Love above all else...

Love yourself. Love your loved ones. Love others. Even when it seems impossible, just try. Love is at the root of hope, and hope is what Christmas is about, whether you are a religious person or not. Our world would be such a better place if people just knew how to really love, without conditions.

Thank you for joining me for another Sharing the Joy event!

I wish you a happy new year as we embark on this new decade. I will try to post in the coming months, but if I don't get the chance, rest assured. Christmas in July will be back for another month of Yuletide joy.

Always in spirit...