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Barbara Briggs Ward's The Tin Cookie Cutter - A Heartwarming Tale #Review

My thoughts

Once again, Ward has told a heartwarming story surrounding family, love and traditions. She gives us a peek into the lives of the Amish, and shows us how it's possible for people from different worlds to become good friends. The story has a visual, and even olfactory, impact, as baking and making Christmas cookies takes center stage. The idea of cookie making being an art, and also an inspiring task, made an impact with me, as I simply love to bake. The tradition of baking also works to bring the characters together.

In all, The Tin Cookie Cutter shares the importance of family...reconnecting and preserving those bonds which make a family. Also, the importance of love and friendship, at Christmas time, and all through the year. If you love reading heartwarming stories at Christmas, this is definitely the book for you.

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About the book

Those who've spent time with the elderly Amish woman realize the wisdom in her words. One could say Catherine's kitchen is her office. Baking cookies is her form of therapy.

Christmas wreaths, nailed to the porch of the Amish home. attract the eye of photographer, Claire Ryan. Knocking on the door, she plans on asking permission to take some photos and then be on her way. But once inside, sitting in the warmth of that home with paper angels on strings and pine boughs decorating the mantel, Claire relaxes, eventually telling Catherine why she's about given up on finding love and no longer bothers with Christmas.

Soon they're in the kitchen getting ready to make cookies. When Catherine brings out a wooden box holding old tin cookie cutters, Claire notices one is missing.

The cookie cutter is found weeks later and it has nothing to do with making cookies.

About the author

Barbara Briggs Ward is a writer living in Ogdensburg, New York. She is the author of a Christmas trilogy for adults featuring The Reindeer Keeper, released in 2010 and selected by both Yahoo’s Christmas Book Club and the Riverfront Library Book Club in Yonkers as their December, 2012 featured Book of the Month. Barbara completed the trilogy with the release of The Snowman Maker in 2013 and The Candle Giver in 2015. In 2017, her first work of Amish fiction, A Robin’s Snow, was released.

Her articles and short stories have appeared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Christmas Magic and Family Caregivers, plus Ladies’ Home Journal, Highlights for Children and The Saturday Evening Post online.

In 2018, Barbara’s work of fiction, a short story titled, “Sleigh Bells Ring Again,” earned first place in Watertown, New York’s Jefferson Community College Writing Center’s annual Writing Festival. She has been a featured writer on Mountain Lake PBS in Plattsburgh, New York and at Target Book Festivals in Boston and New York.

Barbara invites you to visit her website at She is on Facebook under The Reindeer Keeper.

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  1. Sounds delightful, Michelle! Thanks for reviewing. I will check it out this season--comfort food and comfort reading.


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