Sunday, July 22, 2018

Weekend #Crafting - All that Glitters... #ChristmasinJuly

I LOVE glitter! So I was on the hunt for some super glitter-y crafts...and I found them. Enjoy!

DIY Glittered Glass Ornaments

  • Clear glass ornaments – you can get them at Michaels.
  • Glitter
  • Pledge floor polish OR Glitter It (both work great, but the pledge is less expensive for group projects)
  • Small dixie cup (for drying)
  • Paper towels
  1. Take the ornament hanger off before. Pour a small amount of Glitter It or Pledge Floor Care into the glass ornament. Swirl around making sure to wet the entire inside. Pour the remaining liquid out into a cup or sink.
  2. Sprinkle and pour a generous amount of glitter inside your glass ornament. You may want to use a small funnel or make a paper cone. My glitter bottle had a pretty good opening for perfect pouring, so I was able to do it without a funnel.
  3. Covering the opening with a paper towel, shake and swirl until the inside is completely covered with glitter. If you need more glitter, just pour more in. Shake out excess glitter.
  4. Set the ornament upside down with the opening facing the bottom of a small cup. This allows them to dry with no pooling of excess liquid or glitter. Dry at least 24 hours before placing the ornament hanger back on.

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Glitter Stamped DIY Gift Tags

I love the idea of these, but I would even maybe do an extra variation for myself and my bookish friends...bookmarks! You could use card stock or longer pieces of Kraft paper (cut into bookmark size) and, if you have super fancy (or even nice) handwriting, you wouldn't even have to use a stamp. Use ribbon or cord instead of baker's twine AND you could use non-Christmas-y glitter colors and make these for everyday bookmarks. Light bulb!

  • Mod Podge Matte
  • Kraft Gift Tags
  • Ink Pad
  • Confetti (or I'm sure any type of glitter would work)
  • Merry Christmas Stamp (similar, here)
  • Bakers Twine
  1. Stamp your kraft tags, making sure to leave room at the end for adding your confetti.
  2. Using a foam brush, add some Mod Podge to the end of your gift tag. Dip in your confetti, tap off the excess, and let dry.

Always in spirit...

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