Monday, December 18, 2017

Add this to your #holiday reading list...The Ornaments by Serafina Johns - Review

My thoughts
I love sweet, heartwarming stories at Christmastime and The Ornaments delivered. Not only that, it's set in Victorian times, which also fueled my passion for historical fiction.

At 71 pages, this book is the perfect length for the busy holiday season. Themes of family, tradition and forgiveness are all present...very important in a Christmas tale. The author also captured the feel of the Victorian times, right down to the husband being the ruler of the household.

I recommend this book as a wonderful addition to anyone's Christmas library. It's going in my collection and I'm sure I will revisit it in years to come.

About the book
The Ornaments is the tale of four Victorian Christmas ornaments and their journey. Pretty ornaments start out fresh and new but over the years, like their owners, they're altered by age and experience. What happens when they are no longer perfect? How easily can they get lost along the way? It's also the tale of the lady who loved and lost them. How important are our "things"? What do we choose to treasure?
Anyone who appreciates the beauty of Christmas ornaments, the history of antique pieces or a story that lets one travel back to the Victorian era where many of our best holiday traditions began will enjoy this fanciful tale.

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  1. I enjoy reading about Victorian times and this book sounds interesting. Last year I treated myself to Anthony Trollope's Christmas at Thompson Hall and other Christmas Stories, set in Victorian times.


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