Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sharing the Joy: The Upside Down #ChristmasTree #Trend

Image credit: Wayfair

I remember seeing the Upside Down Christmas Tree trend several years back at a Christmas market at the fairgrounds. I thought it was a cool idea then, and I still do.

Then, recently Cole and Marmalade's human posted this video "10 Ways to Survive Christmas with Cats," and guess what...there's an upside down Christmas tree as a possible solution to cat-Christmas tree cat-astrophes. Take a look...

Wayfair has an amazing assortment of Upside Down Christmas trees, and they've written a fantastic article on the phenomenon. Here's what they say about the history...

History of the Upside Down Tree
In medieval Europe, Christmas trees were hung upside down from the ceilings of castles and the large homes of the aristocracy, much like a chandelier. It's possible the tradition of the Christmas tree dates as far back as the 8th century, where legend credits the spark of the tradition to Saint Boniface – but what is certain is that fir and spruce trees were being hung upside down by the 12th century, decorated with flowers and brightly wrapped food.

Image credit: Wayfair

In Poland the tradition of the upside down Christmas tree continued through the 18th century, when it was finally replaced by the German tradition of what today we consider a standard Christmas tree. The modern Christmas tree can trace its roots to 16th century Germany, where Martin Luther is said to have first placed lit candles onto an evergreen tree.

Read the rest of the article, and check out Wayfair's terrific assortment of Upside Down Trees here.

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