Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sharing the Joy - Christmas Tales: The Night Before Christmas and 21 Other Christmas Stories - Review

My thoughts
What a wonderful collection to read at Christmastime! Fairy Tales are always a favorite of mine, and reading them at Christmas, especially those with a Christmas theme, is a very nostalgic experience. 

I was thrilled to find in this collection favorites like The Little Match Girl and The Nutcracker. Each story tells which country it originates from, which is a wonderful touch and fits in well with my Christmas Around the World theme on this blog. A nice surprise was to find The Elves and the Shoemaker. I remembered that it was a favorite of mine when I was a child. I have not read it since then and it brought back memories.

What you don't often find in an eBook are gorgeous illustrations. This book has them. They really added to the atmosphere of the collection. 

If I had one slightly negative thing to say, it would be that the book could use some minor editing, as there are some typos and grammatical errors here and there. Honestly though, it did not detract from the beauty of the stories.

I highly recommend this collection. I look forward to checking out their website for more fairy tales!

About the book
Christmas Tales: The Night Before Christmas and 21 Other Christmas Stories features tales of the season from around the world. We have old favorites such as The Little Match Girl and The Nutcracker but also have shared some more obscure Christmas stories for young and old. This fully-illustrated book will be available on Kindle shortly, and I'd like to offer you a copy in either PDF or Mobi for review on your website.

This collection was compiled by... is the world's largest website for fairy tales and folktales, with over 2,100 tales. All of our tales have been indexed by region and author. Included with each tale is a reading level and read-aloud time. Fairytalez is a fully-optimized website that can display cleanly on any computer or mobile device, and also features a PDF function to print a full PDF copy of any story on the website. Christmas Tales is the 2nd ebook from Fairytalez; the first was Mermaid Tales: The Little Mermaid and 14 Other Illustrated Mermaid Stories.

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