Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sharing the Joy - #Christmas music by Jan Stella

Enjoy this original song, written by Jan Stella in anticipation of seeing his family again at Christmas.

Jan’s musical journey began in 1998, when he and his friends formed a rock band in school. But soon he fell in love with handmade, acoustic music and started to write songs. Until today he likes to rummage in different genres and styles. Beside his profession as a teacher he has just finished his first solo album "Passing Palermo", which is now available as free download on his website:

He writes, performs and records all songs on his own at home. So you might hear the neighbour’s dog barking over the solo, but that makes it authentic, right? :-)

Much thanks to Jan for sharing the joy with us!

Always in spirit...

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  1. Congrats!!!Merry Christmas!!!


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