Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekend Crafting - Christmas/Holiday Planner #ChristmasinJuly

This isn't really a craft, but I have been wanting to create one of these Christmas planners for a long time. There are so many ideas out there. Some suggest a three ring binder, which I have tried in the past. Way too bulky, in my opinion. Then, a couple of years ago I came across an idea for making a planner using a standard composition book.

So, I bought this composition book (below) on clearance a couple of seasons ago (yes, it has taken me that long to actual think about executing this plan). Don't laugh. The poor One Direction guys will be covered up with pretty Christmas paper. HeeHee!

There are several different versions out there and I haven't quite decided on which one I'll do, or knowing me, mine will be more of an amalgamation of versions.

I'm just going to show some images of the different versions with links to the sites where you can check out more detailed instructions.

This one seems to have the most detailed instructions and they even have printables each year you can use for the inside pieces and tabs (they have not released the 2016 printables as of yet). These are images from their past creations. The top image is from last year. These planners are created by Eighteen25 (all images credited to them as well).

Instructions, materials and more images here

Detailed instructions and more images here

Detailed instuctions and more details here

This version is a variation of the one from Eighteen25. My Mommy World took their idea and made it her own. More images and detailed instructions here (image credit to My Mommy World as well).

This version is cool because it uses layers of Christmas scrapbooking paper to create the envelopes inside (rather than pasting in the smaller manila envelopes on the inside covers, like the others). This one was created by Scrappin' Cats! Creative Endeavors (image credits to them as well). Detailed instructions and more images here.

Here are the pockets inside I was talking about...

What I like about this one is how she placed the tabs at the top rather than the side. Her rationality is that if you're slipping the planner in and out of your purse, or tote bag, this will keep them from getting bent up or crushed. Sound, I think.

There are also several sites out there who offer free Christmas planner printables. These can be printed out and attached inside the pages of the notebook, either by gluing or staples. 

Organized Christmas has several different versions and plans you can choose from. I don't think they have released the 2016 versions yet, but I'm sure they will soon. 

These cute Christmas printables can be obtained from Domestic Executive Online here (also image credit).

This version of cute Christmas printables can be obtained from Mom's Favorite Stuff here (also image credit).

Final note: Pinterest has tons of Christmas ideas for planners and holiday planning. That's where I found most of these. 

What do you think? Will you make a holiday planner this year? 

I will share mine when it's finished!

Always in spirit...

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