Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Last Christmas Read of the Season - Barbara Briggs Ward's The Candle Giver - Review

My thoughts
As she did with The Reindeer Keeper and The Snowman Maker, Barbara has once again brought the true meaning of Christmas in her newest novel, The Candle Giver, which completes her Christmas trilogy. In this book, we are brought full circle back to Abbey's farmhouse and all the characters from the prior books are brought together at Christmas.

The messages in this book are profound. Being able to believe, no matter your age. The ability to love again. The importance of endings, and new beginnings. The magic and whimsy of Christmas. It's all here.

This was the only book I read this season, as I had a lot going on personally (and why it took me so long to read it). I'm so glad it was this one. Barbara really knows Christmas and writes it so everyone can experience the joy of it. I highly recommend this and her the previous books in the trilogy to anyone who loves Christmas and loves a great story.

About the book
You fell in love with Abbey and Steve in "The Reindeer Keeper"
You rooted for Ben and Ellie - Henry and Sophie in "The Snowman Maker"
Now go back to that farmhouse - go back to that barn - the wonder - the magic of the season -
Go back with "The Candle Giver"

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About the author
Barbara Briggs Ward grew up in the country surrounded by relatives and a backdrop made for inspiring a young imagination. Barbara and her cousins were constantly playing in their chicken coop clubhouse filled with the remains of an abandoned one-room schoolhouse. It was in that clubhouse where Barbara read her favorite authors including Louisa May Alcott and Laura Ingalls Wilder - and began writing her own little stories. When her grandfather made her "most favorite Christmas present ever" - a simple pine desk with a single drawer which held a pad of lined paper and a #2 pencil - Barbara knew she wanted to be a writer.

Barbara began writing for children, having been published in Highlights for Children and She is the author/illustrator of the Snarly Sally picture book series.

Barbara's writing took a turn in October, 2010 when she published, "The Reindeer Keeper", a heartwarming story of Family & Christmas chosen by both Yahoo's Christmas Book Club Group and Yonker's Riverfront Library Book Club as their 2012 December Book of the month.

Barbara's story, "In Anticipation of Doll Beds" was published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book, "Christmas Magic" October, 2010. In March, 2012 her short story, "A Brown Boy of Our Own" was included in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book, "Family Caregivers."

In October, 2012, Barbara released her first work of Amish fiction, "A Robin's Snow" on Kindle. The book was recommended reading by Amazon September, 2013. Barbara's second work of Christmas fiction, "The Snowman Maker," was released October, 2013.

Barbara's short story, "The Great Berry Pie Cook-Off" was a June, 2014 featured work on The Saturday Evening Post website as part of their First Friday Fiction series.

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