Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sharing the Joy: Weekend Crafting - Snowmen

This super easy craft uses wood rulers which are very cheap pretty much anywhere, or you might just have some lying around your house. These make great pokes for plants or goody baskets, or attach something to hang them from your Christmas tree.


  • Wood rulers
  • craft sticks (trimmed to 1 1/2" length for hat brims)
  • white acrylic paint
  • black acrylic paint, or black glitter paint for hats (or paint hats and then add glitter)
  • use Sharpie markers for face (black for eyes and mouth, orange for carrot nose)
  • narrow ribbon for snowman's bowtie
  • embellishments, if desired, for hat
  • craft glue
Paint rulers with white paint (small roller works well). I would paint both sides if you're planning on hanging these on a tree. Paint trimmed craft stick with black and the top of ruler for black top hat.

Allow paint to dry completely and then glue hat brim on. Draw face with Sharpie markers. Glue embellishment to hat. (Original crafter added a wooden heart, but you can add what you like).

I modified this craft slightly. Original details and instructions (and image credit) can be found at Megpie Designs.

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