Saturday, July 20, 2013

Christmas in July: Weekend Crafting

This is a very easy craft and a good one if you have children. Enjoy!

I-Spy Ornament

- ornament--clear plastic if you have small children (alternatively, I've seen this done in mason jars for a more difficult and time consuming game)
- Filler beads (or rice in mason jar - for mine I used plastic pearls and plastic metallic beads)
- items to find (you can get pretty creative - I used charms and other miniature items I had laying around in my crafting supplies for mine)
- Hot glue gun and glue

Step 1: make a list of what items you are going to put in your ornament or jar before putting everything in it.
Step 2: Take the top metal part off ornament (or lid off jar) and add beads and items.
Step 3: glue metal piece (or lid on jar) on to ornament using hot glue. Be careful! The metal will be hot.
Step 4: give to child, stuff in stocking, play a quick game yourself.... it's up to you!

~from Cook Love Craft (if you want to see pics of the process, click over)

Always in spirit....


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