Saturday, July 6, 2013

Christmas in July: Weekend Crafting

I have been wanting to make one of these for a long time. Maybe this year I will finally get around to it.

Christmas Ornament Tree

Materials needed:
Styrofoam cone
Tinsel garland
Medium and small (plastic) Christmas balls
Glue gun and LOTS of glue
Ribbon bow


I wrapped the Styrofoam cone with Dollar Store tinsel garland and glued it down as I went. I have tried to spray paint the styrofoam before putting the ball on, but it doesn't work. The tinsel really hides any gaps and imperfections..definitely worth the $1. 

I then started to glue the balls onto the tinsel, starting with the medium sized ones at the bottom and then filled in the gaps with the smaller. The ornaments just seem to be hanging from tinsel but they stick.

Keep turning the tree around as you go or it will topple over.

Finish off the top with a ribbon bow (or come up with a topper idea of your own).

To see full images of the steps, visit the blog linked below.

If you've ever made one of these, share your experience. I'd love to know if it was easy or difficult. =O)

Always in spirit...

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