Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 Sharing the Joy Event and Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

My favorite time of year is here again! Time for us to share the joy of Christmas.  It's not just the presents and what people deem to be the commercial side of things.  If we can look past all that, we can recognize the truth of giving, sharing friendship, the love of our families and spending time with them and all the fun that goes along with it.  The sites and sounds of Christmas.  And you don't have to be rich or spend a lot of money to enjoy it.  There's free holiday music on the radio and on the online stations and there are plenty of free Christmas light displays in our local neighborhoods to marvel at.  Just seeing my sons' eyes light up at the sites is enough to make my season bright! Every year, I try to do my small part in spreading the spirit around with Sharing the Joy here on The Christmas Spirit.  I really hope you enjoy it this year!

I'm kicking off Friday with a review of the Heavenly Christmas Film Classics DVD, which I received from Festival Films for review.

What else do I have in store this year?  Giveaways, guest posts, book reviews, movie reviews, recipes, poems, literature, music, crafts...if it's Christmas, it will be here! Also, my Christmas Around the World posts will be back this year to continue sharing Christmas traditions and customs of foreign countries.

I invite any authors or bloggers out there who love Christmas to contribute a guest post, if you would like.  It can be anything Christmasy...a story, poem, top ten lists, favorite things, share pics of your Christmas decor, etc., etc.  If you would like to contribute, just drop me an email at truebookaddictATgmailDOTcom.

Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge started today.  You can still sign-up and runs all the way through January 6, 2012 (Epiphany/Twelfth Night).  Find out the details and sign-up HERE.

I'm participating, of course! What will I be what levels, etc.?  Let's hope I can do the Christmas Tree level! What I'll be reading:
  • A Winter Dream by Richard Paul Evans
  • Wishin' and Hopin' by Wally Lamb
  • Cupid's Christmas by Bette Lee Crosby (for review)
  • North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus by Candace Jane Kringle (for review)
  • Merry Ex-Mas by Sheila Roberts (for tour)
  • The Nutcracker by E.T.A. Hoffman, Illustrated by, none other than, Maurice Sendak (for review)
  • A Christmas Home by Greg Kincaid (for review)
I'm also doing Fa La La La Films and Visions of Sugar Plums (I'm hoping to pin my boys down for at least The Nutcracker--see above).

Here's hoping the holiday season will be merry and bright!

Always in spirit....


  1. Hey Michelle, I am not starting my Christmas reading till Dec. But I will catch-up with you then.
    I am also reading - Merry Ex-Mas
    and - North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus

  2. WOW! Our lists are SO similar! Am reading Merry Ex-mas now. So far not loving it - I hope that changes soon!!

    What are you loving now?

  3. I can't find the review post, but I have finished my first book for the challenge. Here's a link to my review:

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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