Friday, October 19, 2012

Fragrant and Long Lasting Gifts

When I lived in Wyoming, come Christmas time I would start to long for Minnesota. I missed the beautiful snow covered trees, bent over by the weight of the snow on the branches. I decided I needed to bring a little Minnesota to my home in Wyoming! That’s when I started getting Balsam Fir Christmas Wreaths from Jen’s Wreaths, located in my very own home town of Deer River, Minnesota!

One of the things I love about buying these wreaths is the fact that they are made in the USA. I also want my wreaths to be as Natural/Organic as possible and as FRESH as possible. Jen’s Wreaths makes them all natural from REAL Minnesota Balsam Fir. They make all their wreaths shortly before shipping them, to ensure they arrive fresh and last a long time! They also don’t dip them in green coloring or glue. Instead, they wait until they have had several hard frosts so they have the best needle retention possible. And believe me; Minnesota has some really cold nights!!

I love it when I get my wreaths and open the box! The wreaths are SO fragrant!! They smell so good that the first year I hung my wreath INSIDE of my house, because I just had to smell that awesome fragrance! Also, these wreaths stay fresh for months! I typically get mine around Thanksgiving time and will leave it up until February when the needles start drying out! Last year, I finally decided to take mine down around Valentine’s Day, but it was still looking REALLY good! In the past I have also collected the needles that have fallen off, and put them in a pretty bowl and used them as potpourri around the house! The wreaths have always been fresh, and so fragrant!! 

My favorite wreath for years was the 24” Jen’s Traditional Wreath. It comes with a traditional red velvet bow with red holly berries, and has 3 frosted ponderosa pinecones. I have been getting this one from Jen’s Wreaths since 2005! It’s just a very traditional wreath, and I just love it! It has a real warmth to it, and it just gives me a real traditional, “the way it was back then” type of feel.

In 2011 I decided to change things up! Jen’s Wreaths came out with a new line called The Berry Sweet Collection. They have a bunch of different bows to choose from, but I chose The Berry Sweet Collection with a Gingham bow. It has red stick berries that I think are so cute, and comes with gold pine cones. The bow was on the right side of the wreath so it was off center. They give you the option of putting the bow on the right side or the left side. I just thought it was really pretty and kind of different to have the bow off centered like that. 

My all-time favorite item to buy for people on my Christmas list is the Centerpiece. What I LOVE about the centerpiece is that it has REAL red hypericum berries and REAL baby’s breath. The Centerpiece also has white pine sprigs and cedar sprigs in it. Then it comes with a beautiful red candle, too, so it’s almost like you’re giving two gifts in one! I just love how natural the Centerpiece is, and how everything on it is real and natural. This is definitely up there on my favorites list!

I have been buying wreaths as Christmas Gifts from Jen’s Wreaths since 2005. Jen’s Wreaths offers Free Shipping and Free Gift Cards! You can also send Jen’s Wreaths your own personalized Christmas Cards, to have them put in the box with the wreaths, so you can send your gift with your OWN gift card if you want! Businesses can even send business cards to put in with their wreaths. They have a user friendly website with all their products and descriptions of each product, so you know exactly what you are getting! If you have questions you can contact them through the website by clicking on “Contact Us” and they will reply back to your questions. They have friendly office staff that can take your order over the phone if you are worried about using credit cards online. You can choose your shipping date when you order, so you can actually order any time of year and have it shipped in November or December! Also, around Thanksgiving they usually have some Black Friday Specials, AND there is usually some sort of discount offered on if you check that out. Jen’s Wreaths also has giveaways and freebie’s offered on their Facebook page, so be sure to check them out!! Jen’s Wreaths has so much to offer at you really need to check it out!! Their wreaths are amazing, and you won’t be sorry you bought from Jen’s Wreaths!

~Crystal Cook
Deer River, MN 56636

Thank you, Crystal! I will definitely be checking out Jen's Wreaths.

Always in spirit....

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  1. A wreath that doesn't dry out until February? That's crazy - I will definitely have to check these out. I stopped buying real greenery because it is always dried out by Christmas and I feel like it's a fire hazard by the holidays.


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