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Christmas in July: Weekend Crafting

I apologize for not posting Friday Baking and Movies yesterday.  The time just got away from me.  The feature will be back in November when my Sharing the Joy Christmas event kicks off.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Weekend Lit.  I will be sharing the upcoming Christmas books being released this season.  Exciting!

Today's craft and the final one for Christmas in July is once again from The Christmas Book from Ortho Books.

This image is so bad (took it from the book with my phone) so I've included another image off the web that shows a more clear example below.

Heirloom Globes

Studded with colorful beads and sequins and festooned with attractive ribbons, these Christmas ornaments can be given to friends and relatives, who will surely treasure them year after year.

Be sure to wear goggles when working with Styrofoam.  Particles get into the air and can cause eye infections.

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Making a Globe:

The foundation for the decorations shown is a Styrofoam ball which can be found in garden centers, art supply stores, and hobby shops.  Decorative materials are attached to the ball with straight pins; use those with either plain metal heads or colorful plastic heads.  Both types easily penetrate surface materials as well as the ball.

Completely cover the ball with sequins and beads of different colors and shapes, threading them onto straight pins.  Make sure the head is large enough so that it does not pull through.  Also check that the pinpoints do not stick out the other end; if they do, nip off ends with pliers.

Embroidered or velvet ribbons are easier to tie than are the synthetic ones sold for gift wrapping.

The sphere is only one of many forms available.  By exploring the stores in your area, you can find Styrofoam in other shapes.  You can also buy the material in sheets and cut whatever shapes you desire:  triangles, stars, or animals.  Because Styrofoam crumbles easily, the cleanest way to cut it is with an electric carving knife.  A utility knife, serrated kitchen knife, or piece of wire will also do.  To cut complex shapes, first make a paper pattern and pin to to the Styrofoam to use as a guide.

To make a hanger for a sphere, wrap and and pin a length of ribbon vertically around it, and tie a bow at the top.  Leave the ribbon long enough so that you can tie another bow for hanging the ornament, or attach a loop or a hook for hanging.  As an alternative to ribbon, push a colorful pipe cleaner right through the center of the ornament.  Twist the top end into a loop and thread the bottom end around a bead to prevent ornament from slipping off the pipe cleaner.  Large balls completely covered with beads, sequins, and ribbons can be heavy; make small sizes for tree decorations.

Interest the whole family in creating these mosaics of color and texture, providing, of course that children are old enough to handle sharp pins and small objects.  Each year before Christmas, set aside time to add to your collection.  Who knows:  They may become family heirlooms.

Weekend Crafting will be back as well in November for Sharing the Joy.

Always in spirit....

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  1. So pretty. Doesn't sound too hard either. Thanks for sharing.


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