Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Christmas in July: Scrooge--A Favorite Fictional Character

Ahhh I love thee.  You may ask how I can love such a miserable curmudgeon.  Well, I love him in the beginning when he is completely obnoxious and mean because it makes his complete transformation at the end all the more wonderful...the total contrast of it.  The character of Scrooge shows us that there is hope.  That even the most horrible of persons can change.  When any of us starts feeling bad about ourselves...that we have done something wrong or we may not have been as kind as we could have... we should remember Scrooge and take comfort in the fact that if it's possible for Scrooge, one of the most despicable characters ever written, to become a good person than it is, in fact, possible for us.

A few of my favorite Scrooges from film and television:

Scrooge (1970)--Albert Finney

A Christmas Carol (1951)--Alastair Sim

A Christmas Carol (1999)-- Patrick Stewart

Of course, these are not the only Scrooges over the years, but these are my favorites!

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Always in spirit....


  1. It always makes me think that no matter how awful someone is, there may be something in their past that has made them this way and I should always bear that in mind.

  2. My favourite Scrooge is Bill Murray in Scrooged! Sooo funny! My family watches that movie together every year on Christmas day. :)


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