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Debbie Macomber's Trading Christmas--based on her book, When Christmas Comes.

Christmas travel calamities that lead to cross-country romances when widowed Washington State teacher Emily Springer engineers a house-swap with Boston history professor Charles Brewster in order to visit her daughter at Harvard. Too bad Emily's daughter Heather is headed to Florida with her new boyfriend!

Christmas Returns to Canaan--starring Billy Ray Cyrus, Daniel Burton

In the sequel to 2009's "Christmas in Canaan," Billy Ray Cyrus again stars as Daniel Burton, a single father raising his children in Canaan, Texas in the late 1960s. In this installment, Daniel takes his son Bob to San Francisco for exploratory treatment to help the boy learn to walk again after he was struck by an automobile. On the trip, Daniel meets someone special and must learn to let go of the memory of his late wife so that he can find the courage to fall in love again.

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A Princess for Christmas or Christmas at Castlebury Hall--starring Roger Moore, Katie McGrath,
Charlotte Salt, Sam Heughan

At the invitation of an estranged relative (her grandfather) , a young woman travels with her niece and nephew to a castle in Europe for Christmas, where she unwittingly falls for a dashing Prince.

Lucky Christmas

Lucky Christmas is the story of Holly Ceroni, a single mom trying to get back on her feet, but who is crushed to learn her winning lottery ticket is in the glove compartment of her recently stolen car. Mike Ronowski, the construction worker behind Holly's missing property, goes along with a master plan to befriend Holly and coerce her into giving him half of her winnings. Mike unexpectedly falls in love with Holly and learns there are more important things in life than quick money in time for the holidays. 

Annie Claus's Year Off

from Hallmark:

Annie Claus' Year Off is the story of Santa's Daughter, Annie Kringle, age 29, who, having spent her entire life in Santa's Village, gets a year's sabbatical to experience the outside world, and then decide if she would like to take over the family business upon her father's (the current Santa's) retirement. 

Annie is in charge of Toy Manufacturing. She oversees the production and distribution of all toys and her division is a well-oiled machine. She is stellar at her job and while her parents don't want to lose her, they know that they must offer her this opportunity. Because of her father's tales, she chooses Los Angeles for her Christmas sabbatical, and soon the adventure begins. 

Larry Levinson is the executive producer for Larry Levinson Productions.

Christmas Pageant

Christmas Pageant is the story of Vera Parker, an overbearing theater director whose hard-to-work-with reputation leaves her no choice but to take a job directing a small-town Christmas pageant in upstate New York. To her surprise, Vera learns a lot about herself and comes to enjoy the experience of directing the pageant. After rekindling an old flame and directing a fantastic production, Vera discovers life's unexpected turns can lead to wonderful new beginnings.  

Cancel Christmas...starring Judd Nelson, Justin Landry, Natalie Brown, John Fleming 

Is 30 days enough time to teach two selfish, wayward boys the importance of giving? Santa had better hope so because if it isn’t, “The Chairmen of Christmas,” his board of directors, are going to fire him because they think children have become too greedy.

Santa has until midnight, December 24 to prove the board wrong by changing the ways of two especially incorrigible boys, Farley and Steve. Carefully disguised as “Kriss,” part-time school janitor, part-time mall Santa, and with his head elf Randall along for the journey, Santa’s plan is to quash the boys’ mischievous ways with an act of kindness. Together, they will work to grant a Christmas wish for a handicapped boy and his mom and hopefully, in doing so, the boys will learn giving a gift feels just as good-if not better-than receiving one. 

One by one, Farley and Steve begin to come around but everything is put in jeopardy when a news story catches on about the local mall Santa who is incredibly giving and could even be the real deal. Luckily, Santa still has a few tricks up his red velvet sleeve. Even if it takes a bona fide Christmas miracle and the ultimate act of selflessness, he will liberate Christmas from the clutches of the paranoid chairmen.

Jingle All The Way

A 30 Minute Animated Hallmark Channel Christmas Special Featuring Hallmark Cards' Popular Character - Jingle the Husky Pup.

Jingle the Husky Pup is a very good dog who does everything he is told. Unfortunately, the only thing Jingles can't do is go home, because he doesn't have a home. But this holiday season, Jingle and all of his friends come home to Hallmark Channel, America's family network.

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