Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Christmas is over, but winter is in full swing.  Why not make a pretty winter-themed wreath to hang on your door until spring?  Here's how:

Just one example of what your wreath could look like. 
Picture from
 Things You'll Need:

Grapevine wreath
Spray-on adhesive
Winter adornments
Hot glue

Difficulty: Easy

  1. Purchase a grapevine wreath in the size you desire. Grapevine wreaths are made from the dried branches of a grapevine and they readily available at most craft stores.
  2. Give your winter a wreath some winter pizazz. Spray the wreath with a can of spray-on adhesive (also available at most craft stores). Immediately after coating the wreath in the adhesive, sprinkle the wreath with a winter looking mix of glitter--use various colors of blue, white and silver. Follow the recommendations of the adhesive manufacturer to let the adhesive completely dry.
  3. Shake the wreath over the garbage can to let any loose glitter fall from the wreath. This initial shaking will eliminate the bulk of the excess, but expect that the wreath will periodically shed more of its glitter when bumped with a door or by a person who brushes against it.
  4. Adorn the wreath with your favorite winter accents. Depending on the type of adornments you use, you can attach them to your wreath with wire or a hot glue gun. To ensure the correct placement of your decorations, lay the wreath on a flat surface and position the decorating items in the places you think you will permanently install them. Stand back a bit and make sure you are happy with the overall look before following through with the wire or hot glue.
  5. Attach a piece of wire to the back of the wreath for hanging. Double or even triple the wire to be sure it can support the weight of your wreath. If the wreath seems excessively heavy you'll need to use heavy duty wire to hang.
  6. Hang your winter wreath on a door or in an entryway to help you enjoy a festive feeling throughout the winter.
--from eHow


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  1. That is sucj a pretty wreath. I think I will surprise my daughters with one to hang in their bedroom.


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