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After a much needed recovery hiatus from the hubbub that is Christmas day, I am back to share some more joy with you! I always save all the Christmas cards I receive every year with the intention of using them for a craft or something.  One year, I made my own gift tags for presents.  I used decorative edging scissors, cut out a pretty section of the card, punched a hole, and attached it to the gift with a ribbon.  I wrote the to and from part on the back.  They were so cute! I will share a variation of this below, along with some other creative ideas for repurposing those gorgeous Christmas cards (and boy did I get some beautiful ones this year).

1. Scrap booking

Old Christmas cards are a great free source for images in your scrap booking projects. You can cut out the images and Christmas phrases and glue them into your scrapbook. This is a super easy way to create processional looking scrapbook.

Don’t feel limited to only using the old Christmas cards in the holiday section of your scrapbook. Letters can be cut out and used in any season of your scrapbook.

Areas of solid color can also be cut out and used throughout your scrapbook.

Tissue paper inserts can also be removed from the Christmas cards and repurposed.

2. Christmas Ornaments

You can hang the entire Christmas card on the tree as an ornament or even cut out the words an images and create new Christmas tree ornaments.

Use decoupage to adhere the cut out Christmas images to round, glass Christmas tree ornaments.

You can also decoupage the images to wood bark pieces. Drill a hole in the top of the back and hang it on your Christmas tree.

3. Napkins Rings

Cut out some of the larger images on your old Christmas cards. Glue the cut outs to a nice thick ribbon with some hot glue. Tie the ribbon around the fabric or paper napkins on your dinner table. You can place them bow side down so the Christmas image is face up or even cut the ribbon to size and glue it into a loop that fits your napkins.

You can also cut out large images and leave about an inch tall band on either side. This band should be about three inches long. Glue the band of card together in the back with some hot glue. You can slip your napkins in through the hole.

Cut out words from old Christmas cards in one continual string. Glue the ends of the words together in a loop. Now you have an instant Christmas napkin ring.

4. Christmas Garland

You can cut out images and words form the old Christmas cards to make a simple Christmas tree garland. Punch holes in the left and right sides to the string of words or images. Tie each piece together with pretty ribbon or yarn. Continue this garland every year and soon you will have a great family heirloom that appears every year at Christmas.

You could also string the old Christmas cards together whole. This is a great look for a garland that nags on the fireplace mantel or a doorframe.

--from associatedcontent


Things You'll Need:

old greeting cards
paper doilies
small hole punch
pinking shears
decorative card stock

image from Hit Stuff!
•1 Make elaborate gift tags for packages by cutting apart greeting cards, especially small designs. Isolate miniature images like poinsettia blossoms, snowmen, flowers, and others by cutting around their edges with a regular pair of scissors. Choose images with noticeable white space to serve as the tag's "blank". Punch a hole in the top and thread with a ribbon or tape directly to the package.

•2 Create elaborate Christmas ornaments by cutting individual images from old Christmas cards. Coat the edge of the image with glue and sprinkle with glitter; highlight certain details in the card with the glue and glitter combination. Punch a small hole in the top and thread with a ribbon for hanging from a tree -- thread multiple images together to form a single ornament using ribbon or metallic thread.

•3 Form new holiday cards by cutting the images and decorating them with glitter and glue, then securing them to folded decorative cardstock to form a new card. Cut the edges or outline the shapes with pinking shears to form decorative edges. Create new envelopes by folding paper doilies in half or into four sections, the biggest one used for the flap.

--from ehow



Christmas cards can be used a second time to send holiday greetings if made into postcards. People using this idea should be sure they don't send a card back to the person they got it from the previous year, however.

1.Cut the front of any Christmas card into 4" by 6" size.

2.Turn the piece sideways and write a message on the back of it.

3.Add a standard postcard stamp and mail.

Note that some Christmas cards do not make for good postcards. This includes ones printed on very heavy stock or ones that are heavily embellished with glitter or other items that can come loose in the mail.

--from love to know-crafts


Make an ornament--fancy or simple...

The simplest way to make an ornament is to cut a small circle from a card, hole-punch it, and then put a plastic tie or paper clip through the hole.

For a fancier type of ornament, go to a local craft or hobby store like and buy a 3-D wood star or oval ornament, as well as a special lacquer like mod podge.

1.Using a craft knife, carefully cut the snowmen, trees, churches, birds and pine boughs from old cards. Layer them atop the ornament and brush on the special glue.

2.Keep adding more holiday pictures till there is no more brown showing between photos.

3.Let dry and attach a string if necessary.

image from Old Father Christmas
Make a Sparkly New Bookmark

Holiday cards come with pretty landscapes, lacy snowflakes, and sparkly details that are too lovely to throw away. Cutting cards down to the size of a 6" ruler, then adding a tassel, readily turns greeting cards into bookmarks. The following are complete directions on how to make a personalized bookmark:

Many Materials, Many Uses for a Bookmark

Made from stiff paper, card stock, cardboard and even old Christmas cards, these bookmarks are more than just handsome. They are also customized and good for the environment. Personal bookmarks also make a great gift; to thank a teacher, honor a relative, or show a special friend that their good reading habits are appreciated.

Custom Bookmarks Start Off with Paper or Board

A few other materials are needed as well:

•1 piece of stiff paper, cardboard, scrapbook paper or heavyweight stock (or an old greeting card)
•1 piece of ribbon, length of embroidery string, or purchased tassel
•1 single hole-punch tool and scissor
•1 or more felt-tip markers (optional)
•1 sheet of decorative stickers (optional)
•1 bead or charm (optional)
•1 decorative metal brad (optional)
•1 sheet of contact paper, clear or with a design

Directions for Making Personalized Bookmarks

1.Measure and cut the paper, board or stock to a size that is 1.5" wide and 6" long.

2.If the board/card does not have a design, decorate it now. Use markers or stickers to add pictures and/or words. Or cover the board with stickers, or contact paper that has a design on it.

3.Using the hole-punch, make a hole in the top of the bookmark, about 3/4" from the edge.

4.Insert a a tassel, piece of ribbon or string with a bead/charm on it, into the hole. A decorative brad (large paper fastener) can also be used. Secure by tying, looping or spreading the ends of the metal brad.

5.Once the bookmark is complete, it may be covered with clear contact paper, or laminate, to keep it stiff and clean.

Adding Tassels and Finishings to Bookmarks

It is easy to make tassels by wrapping a length of yarn around the hand, about 10 times. Remove from the hand and then tie one end of the string around the long oval. Then cut across the bottom with a scissor. Instead of making tassels, ones can be purchased (try craft and hobby stores like Michael's or AC Moore, or even online at California Paper Goods).

Decorative brads, which look like pretty buttons on the front and have paper-fastener ends in the back, can also be purchased from craft stores and sites. They are another nice way to finish off the bookmark. Try ribbons and cord, too, matching the colors to the papers. Whatever additions are made will help the bookmark show out of the book.

Making this simple craft is a great way to entertain kids. It is also ideal way to personalize books and keep textbooks free of bends and rips. Personalized bookmarks also make a great gift.

A Cute New Wreath for Your Holiday Decor

1.Using a large drinking glass, trace circles onto old cards and cut them out.

2.Remove the middle from a 9" paper plate and glue the circles around it, so they overlap a bit.

3.When dry, add a nice bow to the top or bottom of this little card wreath.

One can also make this project by tracing a child's hands instead of circles, then assembling the same way.Next holiday, when this unique wreath comes out for display, play a little game. See if anyone can remember who sent the different cards that were used in it.

A Novel Photo Frame

Find a nice silvery or gold-foil card for this one. Trace two holiday bells onto the card, including a big round clapper. Cut the bells out, and then two faces from old holiday photos or school pix. Glue the little faces to the circular clapper and, voila, it becomes a handy seasonal photo frame.

--from suite101

I'm planning on making some of these myself before next year...some Rudolph day activities...YAY!

Always in spirit....


  1. Hi Michelle,
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  2. I'm in love with these ideas and may use them sometime. The Christmas cards I get from others I keep though so I won't use though. I do keep one of every Christmas card I send though so I may use those for the bookmarks and some other ideas.

  3. I love the tag and bookmark ideas :) Happy New Year :)

  4. I like the Christmas card tags. The store bought ones look so similar. This seems easy too. Thanks for the Xmas hint.

  5. Read more hints. I like the wreath and bookmarks. I have also enjoyed the poetry by Whittier and Longfellow. Thank you! Any Christmas kitties?


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