Friday, December 3, 2010


Today I am reviewing a wonderful Christmas music CD called The Sounds of Christmas, Volume Two.  Here is a line up of the songs on the CD:

1. I Believe in Father Christmas- Vertical Horizon
2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen- Belinda Carlisle
3. Christmas Time Is Here- Mike Conley with the Beef Manhattans
4. First Christmas Apart- Chase Stevens
5. Christmas Waltz- Kathy Sledge
6. Hey Hey Santa- Swingin' Medallions
7. Coming Home- Bootlegger
8. Little Drummer Boy- Deep Blue Something
9. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas- Sweeping at Last
10. White Christmas - Dave Stewart
11. Sleigh Ride - Persephone's Bees
12. Merry Christmas Baby- Hello Dollface
13. Blue Christmas - Death on Two Wheels
14. Silent Night (Not So Silent) - The Briggs
15. The First Noel - Ball and Chain
16. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Tequila Hounds
17. Santa Gotta Get Some - North Pole Allstars

My thoughts:

This is a wonderful Christmas music compilation, with a good mixture of traditional songs and new favorites, performed in a variety of genres from rock to r & b.  There are several that are stand outs, in my opinion, and they are:

 I Believe in Father Christmas by Vertical Horizon--this band was pretty big in the 90s and they have a nice mellow alternative sound.  It comes through nicely in this song.

Christmas Time is Here by Mike Conley with the Beef Manhattans--who doesn't love this song that has been so prominent in the wonderful Charlie Brown Christmas Special?  This is a great rendition of it.

First Christmas Apart by Chase Stevens--this was my first time hearing this song and I really like it.  Chase Stevens has a great voice and it's a cozy song.

The Christmas Waltz by Kathy Sledge--never thought I would say that I like a version of this song as well as The Carpenters version, but I do.  This is a beautiful song and Kathy Sledge has a wonderful voice for it.

Little Drummer Boy by Deep Blue Something--this was another band out of the alternative music scene of the 90s, I believe.  I don't really remember any of their songs, but this is an entertaining version of this classic Christmas song.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Sleeping At Last--I have always loved this song, especially the version sung by Judy Garland.  The singer of this band has a wonderful, calming voice and it makes the song all the more beautiful.

Silent Night (Not So Silent) by The Briggs and The First Noel by Ball & Chain--think Green Day or Blink 182 meets Christmas music.  Both of these songs are done in that type of rock style.  A nice twist on two more classic Christmas carols.

I highly recommend this CD.  It will add a lot of cheer to your holiday season, as it has to mine.

About its creators:

Ken Kessler

Ken Kessler has been in radio for over twenty years, including morning shows in Raleigh, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Washington, DC. He became discouraged with traditional radio, particularly the way they handled Christmas music, and launched his own Christmas radio station ( in 2007. The staggering number of talented singers and musicians that he’s met along the way inspired him to connect with John and launch SOC Music. Through SOC Music, Ken is looking forward to getting more artists heard on traditional radio, as well as promoting their work through online radio, social networking sites and whatever comes next!

John Lane

John Lane is a songwriter, producer, performer, recording engineer and piano technician. He started his performing career with a show/dance band while in his late teens, touring the east coast of the USA. He later formed and led a jazz band, "Centerpiece", which was the first jazz group to perform in the lounges and showrooms of Atlantic City. His love of technology has always kept him at the forefront of recording technology, owning the first synthesizers invented, the first Apple computers that were capable of midi and audio recording, and the first Kurzweil 250 Sampling Keyboard. He currently owns and operates his recording studio in San Diego, when he is not on the Tennis court with his beautiful wife Linda:)

Go HERE to listen to The Sounds of Christmas internet radio station, free, 24 Hours, every day.

CDs and downloads available on as well as on Amazon, CDBaby, Rhapsody and iTunes!  Be sure to also check out last year's CD, The Sounds of Christmas, Volume One and Lisa Kessler's The Magic of Christmas.

Happy listening!


  1. I wonder if you have heard Nancy Wilson sing Christmas Waltz, it's by far my favorite. Here is a youtube link for it.

    By the way I have the CD this is taken from along with the first part. I just need the third CD now.

  2. That is a nice version and I had not heard it before...thanks! I probably need to look into getting that set of CDs. You should go to the Sounds of Christmas website. They have where you can listen to samples of the songs. The version of Christmas Waltz on it is really wonderful.

  3. Great review :) I love Christmas music!

  4. This blog is so wonderfully cheerful! I am now following both your blogs :)


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