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Please join me in welcoming my friend Lisa from Lit and Life.  Today, Lisa is sharing with us her...

Top Ten Christmas Books - According to Mama Shepp's Family

There's almost nothing more dangerous than a book addict but when a book addict combines with a Christmas addict AND a mom, things can get really out of hand!  At one point my Christmas book library for children reached 70 books.  Even reading three books a night, there was hardly time to get through them all in the season.  As my children have grown (and outgrown the books), I've edited the collection down to about 25-30.  Most of them won't get read again this year but I'm holding out hope that one day they'll be read to grandchildren.  Ten books I absolutely can't get rid of because my children loved them so are:

1. The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza by David Shannon - When Mr. Merriweather decides to decorate more than just the tree one year, he gets more than a little carried away.

2. Olive, the other Reindeer by J. Otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh - When a little dog named "Olive" misunderstands the lyrics of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," she decides she must be a reindeer and heads off to the North Pole, turning out to be a great help to Santa.

3. The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry, illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger - the traditional story about what it truly means to give accompanied by the most beautiful watercolor illustrations.

4. Nine Days To Christmas: A Story of Mexico by Marie Hall Ets and Aurora Labastida - my son and his aunt share a birthday...nine days before this wonderful book about celebrations in another country holds a special place in our home.

5. The First Christmas Pop-Up Book - This book folds out to become the manger scene with the full array of paper figures to complete the scene and a small book to tell the true story of Christmas.  My kids loved moving the characters into the scene as the story unfolded.

6. The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore, illustrated by Jan Brett - you can hardly go wrong when you combine this beloved poem with Jan Brett's delightful illustrations. 

7. Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol fully illustrated by Michael Cole - A graphic novel take on the Dickens' classic, it makes a wonderful way to introduce children to the story of Mr. Scrooge.

8. If You Take A Mouse To The Movies by Laura Numeroff - My children loved all of the books by Numeroff so it was obvious that this one would become a Christmas favorite.

9. Babar And Father Christmas by Jean De Brunhoff - Everyone's favorite elephant sets off in search of Father Christmas to ask him to visit the Elephant Country.

10. The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg - a marvelous story about the special magic that children find in Christmas.

Great list, Lisa! I know what you mean about being a Christmas book addict.  I probably have 200 books in my Christmas library, adult and children's! Most of these on your list are also favorites of myself and my sons and we also have them in our Christmas library.  Thank you so much for sharing and helping me out!

Happy Holidays!


  1. What a beautiful array! Nice post :)

  2. All I can say is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Babar.

  3. With all of those childrens books, other than Dickens' Christmas Carol, I didn't even know there were adult Christmas books until I started blogging!

  4. Awesome list! None that I am reading for the holidays are listed but I would read all of these you have. Great! I was a bit limited this year with my library :)


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