Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Sharing the Joy event starts tomorrow on Rudolph Day (and Thanksgiving day this year), November 25, 2010.  I'm already hosting The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge (click to sign up), which starts Friday. I will also be holding a Christmas Book Extravaganza giveaway! And I'm adding to the mix a myriad of fun, which will include book reviews, music reviews, movie reviews, Christmas poems and literature, cooking, crafts, and guest posts (I hope)...and much, much more! I would like to invite my readers to contribute a guest post this season! Your post can be about anything Christmas related...a favorite Christmas memory, a book (movie or music) review, a favorite recipe, craft, etc., etc. Anything goes, as long as it's Christmas related! If you are interested in contributing a guest post, please email me at truebookaddictATgmailDOTcom. I hope you will consider joining me for the festivities!

The Sharing the Joy event will run from November 25 through January 6 (Twelfth Night or Epiphany).

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