Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guest Post--The Year-Round Love of Christmas and....Christmas in Connecticut

Please welcome one of my best blogging friends and a fellow Christmas addict, Ryan from the book blog, Wordsmithonia.

When the heat starts to get to be too much to bear in the Summer, July being the worst, I find myself wishing for snowy Winter nights and especially for Christmas. I'm one of those freaks that will listen to Christmas music in July (in the car where no one else can hear me) and I've actually found myself coming to this blog, leaving the page up, and listening to Christmas music while I'm surfing the web. I'm actually listening to the Holiday Classics station on as I'm typing up this review. There is nothing like the sights and sounds of Christmas to cheer me up and make me feel cool on a hot Summer day. That's one of the reasons I'm so glad that Michelle started this blog, it helps me get my Christmas fix throughout the year, whenever I'm in the need to feel the special warmth that the season brings.

So, by now, you may be asking yourself if this is going to be a post about my favorite Christmas songs, which wouldn't be a bad idea, but it's not. While Christmas music is worthy of a million posts, I wanted to talk about the one thing I have to have at Christmas, movies. Right now I'm going to talk about one specific movie, but believe me I could do a post every day for months and still not get through all of the ones I love.

I first watched the 1945 version Christmas In Connecticut (I'm making the distinction because Arnold Schwarzenegger directed a really bad remake with Dyan Cannon and Kris Kristofferson in 1992) because I'm half way in love with Barbara Stanwyck who plays Elizabeth Lane, the popular Smart Housekeeping columnist who dishes our mouth watering recipes and grand tales of a perfect country life. The only problem is that not only does she have no clue on how to find her way around a kitchen, but she doesn't have the husband, the farm in Connecticut, or the baby she's always talking about. In fact she lives in the middle of the city in a small but fashionable apartment. So needless to say when her publisher, who is a stickler for the truth, invities a war hero to her home for Christmas, Elizabeth finds herself in a jam.

Does she fess up and get fired, and her editor along with her? Well that was the original plan until her overbearing publisher, Mr. Alexander Yardley, convinces her to do it anyway. Lucky for us, if not her, she has a ready made solution in John Sloan, her would-be suitor who just can't take no for an answer. For you see he owns a farm in Connecticut and his housekeeper babysits for women who work in the war plant. The catch is that she has to agree to quit her job and marry him. Though she really doesn't want to, she does it for her editor, so he can keep his job at least.

With her Uncle Felix in tow, the real cook behind her columns, she heads up to the farm for Christmas and the fun really begins. The rest of the movie is one misadventure after another as the wedding keeps getting postponed and she starts to fall in love with the war hero, Jefferson Jones, that Mr. Yardley so kindly gave her for Christmas. Between wayward cows, stolen sleigh rides, and a "kidnapped" baby it's a miracle that the movie has the happy ending that you know is coming the entire time you are watching it. It's a heartwarming, Christmas comedy that makes me wish for a Christmas romance every time I watch it. It is now a staple in my home for Chrsitmas and throughout the year when I need a boost of romance in my life.

I want to thank Michelle for the oppotunity to share one of my favorite Christmas movies with her readers and I can't wait to see what she has in store for December.

Thank you to Ryan for sharing his love of Christmas and the wonderful movie "Christmas in Connecticut" with us today.  I know I enjoy it as much as he does (I won a copy of it from his giveaway last year) and I hope you will too!

Happy Christmas in July!

Always in spirit....


  1. Thank you for having me over and for giving me an excuse to get into the Christmas mood.

  2. I love Christmas movies, too, but I've never seen this one - I'll have to look for it this holiday season. (I found you via Ryan's blog.)

  3. Great post Ryan! I love Christmas movies. Nothing like a good one to get your spirit up.

  4. Ryan--You're welcome and thank you again. It's a wonderful post!

    bermudaonion and Zia--thanks for stopping by! Hope you will visit often. =O)

  5. This is one that I need to make sure I watch this Christmas season!! I absolutely love my Straight No Chaser Christmas CD...could listen to it all the time.

  6. You know I still haven't seen that movie. I looked for it last Christmas, but it wasn't on tv when I was looking. :) Maybe this year I will see it.


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