Friday, June 25, 2010

Rudolph Day...June 25, 2010

Happy Rudolph Day! This is going to be a short post because I'm in the hospital, but I wanted to share with you some news about some upcoming Christmas CD releases from my friend Ken at Sounds of Christmas.  Please keep in mind that some of these are not absolutely for sure.

Also, Christmas in July is coming and I wanted to find out if any of you might what to make a contribution during the month with a guest post, guest review of a Christmas book or movie, or share a favorite holiday craft or decorating idea.  Just let me know if you would like to and we can decide on a date.

Now, on to the Christmas CD news taken directly from Ken's newsletter and with his commentary:

I should mention that none of this is officially confirmed, yet, despite various sources (including artists' own websites). Things happen. So these may not actually come out this year.

That said, I've heard there will be Christmas CDs from...

Susan Boyle. She seems a natural, especially for anyone that heard her version of "Silent Night" last year (which was on her debut CD). Originally, producers claimed she would have two releases in 2010, a Christmas one and another release like her first. Reportedly, the Christmas release is the only one that's still on her schedule.

Mariah Carey. She loves Christmas, and has been eager to do a new Christmas project for years. Rumor is that she has been off with her team, writing and recording for this, though no official word has been issued. Not even a tease. Her label scrapped her last effort of remixes, but since her song "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has become quite the modern classic, I can't imagine they wouldn't get this out as quickly as they can!

Chicago. This has been reported on the band's own website. Their plan seems to be to head into the studio later this summer for a follow-up to their previous Christmas CD (which was re-released a few years ago with additional tracks). There have also been hints that this will only be available on their website, as a self-issued release.

Deborah Gibson. Yes, that's the former 80's pop star Debbie Gibson. She's recorded a couple Christmas songs over the years, but this will be her first Christmas release. Her last album was a Broadway songs set that came out seven years ago (though she did perform a duet with former New Kid Jordan Knight in 2006). She's been teasing this on Twitter, but there's still no official word.

Indigo Girls. They're just releasing a 2CD live set next week, which will be their second independent release. Rumor is they will head into the studio next week for work on their Christmas set, which will also be an independent release.

Jewel. She's recorded a couple new Christmas songs, which are set to appear as bonus tracks on a fall release.

Katharine McPhee. The American Idol runner-up, who has released a couple Christmas singles already, is currently recording a Christmas album. She mentioned this a couple times on Twitter, even soliciting for song suggestions.

Ozzy Osbourne. This was mentioned in a recent Rolling Stone article, which said the title of the album would be "Black Christmas". There is also rumored to be a TV special attached, though this is much more Sharon's idea than Ozzy's, so it remains to be seen what will really happen. Ozzy has just released a new album and an autobiography, both of which seem to be doing well.

Wilson Phillips. This is a reunion, and they've even sent out press releases about it. The plan is for a new Wilson Phillips album, which will be a Christmas album, and then for the ladies to head out on tour. Previously, Wilson Phillips did contribute a Christmas song to the Very Special Christmas series. Separately, Carnie and Wendy Wilson released the "Hey Santa" Ep, and Carnie Wilson recorded her own Christmas CD a couple years ago.

Points Of Grace. These ladies have a few Christmas albums under their belts already. They've been recording in Nashville recently, and Jim Brickman has been brought in as a guest on at least one track. They're looking to put out an all-new Christmas album, and head out on the road featuring the new songs in a Christmas concert series. While there's no other info listed, they have posted Christmas photo shoot pictures on their website (from last weekend).

The Superions. Odds are, you haven't heard of this group. Their a side project for B-52's front man Fred Schneider. This will definitely be an unusual Christmas release, which will come out on the heels of a Halloween release this fall.

Glee. No confirmation or denial from FOX, but the rumor is that the cast of the wildly successful TV series will have a Christmas CD out this year, too. Last year, they released a digital single, a cover of Wham's "Last Christmas", which did very well (as do all things Glee-related) . Look for a Christmas special, too!

Pretty cool, huh?  I'm hoping that many of these rumors are true.  I'm especially looking forward to Wilson Phillips, Jewel, and Glee.

Hope you had a wonderful Rudolph Day! Keep the spirit and I'll see you in Christmas in July!


  1. I would like to wish a Happy July

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

    I love the music.

  2. I hope you get well soon. I'm excited by the Glee and Debbie Gibson CDS. Thanks for the headsup.

    I would be happy to do a guest post for you since I'm addicted to Christmas. Just let me know what you would like me to do.

  3. Glee! Yay!

    I hope you feel better very soon. :(

  4. I'd be more than happy to do a review in July. Maybe a review of some of my family's favorite books?

    I wondered where you've been. Hope you get well soon!

  5. These are great tips on Christmas albums, and hope you are well. I have 2 blogs and one of them is a Christmas blog which is based on my book.


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