Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome to the Official Launch of The Christmas Spirit!

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Just in time for December 1st Christmas blog is finally ready! Take a look around...both sidebars and the bottom of the blog have content posted.  In the posts section, I will be posting recipes, music and book reviews, movie reviews, and whatever else strikes my Christmas fancy.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will follow (lower left sidebar) and visit often.  I also have a button on the right sidebar that you can grab!

Have fun and may you always keep the spirit!


  1. Michelle, this is a GORGEOUS blog! I can't wait to read it throughout the month of December.

  2. I'm so in awe right now that I can't fully explain it. I'm so glad you started this blog and I hope it lasts longer than December. I can't wait to come back and read all the new things you do with it. The movie quotes are aweseome and now I think I need to watch The Ref tonight.

  3. I LOVE it! I'm with ryan - I hope it lasts loger than just December.; that you really keep it up. I am totally a Christmas fanatic year round as well. :-)
    The blog looks great!

  4. Oh, you don't have to worry! I'll be keeping it going all year long. My goal is to post every 25th of the month after Christmas and, of course, all of Christmas in July!

    I'm SO glad you like it =o)

  5. WOW, what a gorgeous site!!!I just saw the link on Twitter. So many great pics and interesting facts too. Hope there's some kind of an award, you deserve it!! I loved the music too!! I'll be back to look around more another time. Thanks, Sue

    P.S. Oooh, playing my fav song, Baby It's Cold Outside!!! Can't go till it's done!!! LOL!!!

  6. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!

    This blog is beautiful, breath-taking, and... Just WOW.

    This had to take a lot of time to do. I love it! It gave me a smile just looking through here and listening to the christmas music.

    I wish Christmas hasn't become such a rat race for everyone. That we could just slow down and enjoy the meaning more that the money.

    We do so much running to get to see all of the family it kind of puts a damper on Christmas. I love seeing everyone but we are always in a rush. To me that is not the holiday. I like to relax and take my time, but that isn't the way anymore.

    I love the feeling I get here. Great blog!!!

  7. Looks nice, you've obviously put a great deal of work into this. My only complaint is the auto-music, as it means I won't be able to pop in very often (public venues tend to object to loud, blaring music), but I love that you posted that fact about the origin of "Xmas" at top of one of your sidebars. I take joy in educating the ill-informed about that every year. ;-)

  8. Your new blog is gorgeous!!!
    I need to find a way to make snow on my blog b/c I have no snow here in NY. I hate that I can't get into Xmas spirit without out. Maybe I just need to visit this blog for some spirit!

  9. So thrilled that everyone is loving it so far! Yes, it was a lot of work. I originally had it on MySpace so I had to transfer everything over from there to here! When I put it together last year on MySpace, it probably took me two weeks! But it's certainly worth it!

    Sorry about the music Heather. But I feel it must be on auto play to add to the festive nature of the blog. That's why I put the note about the music at the top so people can immediately go to the bottom and pause it if they need to!

    I hope everyone will visit often and I will be announcing a giveaway within the next two weeks!

  10. Looks great, Michelle! I'm looking forward to seeing how you keep me in the spirit of the season!

  11. Michelle...

    How absolutely lovely your blog looks for Christmas. I'm in AWE. My husband is Jewish (not me) so I usually only have a wreath, and some white candles in the windows (no tree), but I can visit my SIL next door every night and enjoy her tree :).

    It is not a big deal now that my children are grown. We always had nice trees and loads of presents when then were growing up.

    Now I look forward to visiting New York City and Boston in December to enjoy the sites.

    Have a blessed Christmas. (I LOVE the kitties around the tree photo so much).

    Thanks for putting a holiday smile on my face today...beautiful job.

  12. Congratulations on your new blog, and happy holidays!

  13. Your Christmas Blog is BEAUTIFUL! and gets me in the mood for the holiday.

  14. Michelle, congrats girl and great job! Beautiful!


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