Tuesday, October 22, 2019

#Halloween at Christmas Spirit - How to Carve the Best Pumpkin/Pumpkin Seed Necklace

Here are an expert’s secrets for carving a better-than-average jack-o-lantern:

  • Pick an oddly shaped pumpkin. Everyone, it seems, looks for the most perfectly formed pumpkin for their jack-o’-lantern. The better choice is actually one that is slightly misshapen—a little long, a little wide, a little bumpy. The peculiarities will give your pumpkin character.
  • Figure out the face. Before making any cuts, outline your ideas for a face on the pumpkin with a water-based marker. Draw a line establishing the middle of the face and draw the features on both sides to match—or not. Then trace these lines with a permanent marker. 
  • Hollow with care. How will you display your jack-o’-lantern? If you’re going to light the pumpkin, hollow it from the top; this will allow the escape of heat from a lamp or smoke from a flame (if you are using a candle). If the jack-o’-lantern will not be lit, you can hollow it out from a hole in the back so that the look of the face is not affected. 
  • Amplify your ideas. Exaggerate the facial features and carve the entire pumpkin, not just one side.

DIY: Pumpkin Seed Necklace 
Making a necklace from the seeds you dig out of your pumpkin is as easy as 1, 2, 3 . . . 4, 5! 1. 
  1. Separate the seeds from the pulp and rinse them well in warm water. 
  2. Spread the seeds out on paper towels to dry completely. 
  3. When the seeds are dry, color them with felt-tip markers, leaving some uncolored if you wish.
  4. Make holes near the center of each seed, using a big needle or an awl and a block of wood.
  5. String the seeds with a large-eye needle and fine elastic, using 125 to 130 seeds for a necklace and far fewer for a matching bracelet. (Measure around your neck or wrist before cutting the elastic, allowing a little extra to tie the finishing knot.)

Tips and ideas from Old Farmer's Almanac.

Always in spirit...

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