Friday, December 23, 2016

Sharing the Joy - Being a Child at #Christmas

Lisa Wilson wrote this with her friend and co-writer, Mitsuko Komuro many years ago. (Mitsuko wrote the music, and Lisa wrote the lyrics.) Their publisher never did anything with it at the time, so they just ended up dropping it. Lisa decided to bring it back to life after she came across the cassette last summer - which surprisingly still had good sound quality. She digitized it and made the accompanying video featuring culturally diverse children, in order to illustrate that the Christmas spirit truly is universal. Lisa thinks, and rightly so, that it's especially important to remember that now, in the midst of all the discord in the world these days...

I hope you enjoy the video and song as much as I did!

Music by Mitsuko Komuro
Lyrics by Lisa Wilson 


Always in spirit...

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