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Sharing the Joy: Weekend Crafting - Darlene Josaphe's Homemade Gifts for Stress Relief

I had the pleasure of reading one of Darlene's holiday stress management books (my reviews of her Holiday Stress Management and New Year's Resolutions books are coming soon), Homemade Gifts for Stress Relief. In the book, she outlines several clever ideas to make thoughtful homemade gifts for the holidays and other occasions. According to Darlene, much of the stress during the holidays stems from worrying about what gifts to buy for who and, ultimately, how much is all of it going to cost. Homemade gifts are a personal and cost effective option to give to your friends and family during the holidays.

One thing that is great for stress relief is aromatherapy and a good source of this is candles. Sure, you can easily go out and buy a candle as a gift, but what could be more personal than making homemade candles as gifts for your loved ones or friends.

Here is Darlene's easy recipe for DIY aromatherapy candles.

Step 1:
Purchase pint or quart-sized glass jars that have an open top for easy lighting. These can be purchased online, or you can use recycled condiment or jelly jars.
Step 2:
Purchase the wax for your candles. Stick to all-natural waxes such as soy or beeswax.
Step 3:
Choose the essential oils for your candles. Take your time to smell the different scents and take in the aromas that have an effect on the mood. This will allow you to enjoy the project and match the best scent to your recipient.
Step 4:
Melt the wax according to the directions that came with your wax. If there are none, look online for a wax melting recipe. Some can be heated in the microwave while others require a double boiler.
Step 5: 
After removing the wax from the heat, add your essential oils. You'll need about five drops per every two cups of wax. Stir the oils into the wax and let your senses go wild.
Step 6: 
Place the wick in the jar and pour in the wax. You'll need to keep the wick stable, so a wick setter can come in handy.
Step 7: 
Allow the candle to fully cool. You can then wrap it up in tissue paper and present the gift to your special friend. 

That's it! To quote Darlene, "Candles make wonderful gifts. They're thoughtful, practical and perfect for creating a positive, restful environment."

This is just one of many easy and thoughtful DIY stress relief gifts Darlene includes in this terrific and informative book. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easier, stress-free holiday season.

About the author
Darlene is a stress management mentor, and an aromatherapy and natural health enthusiast. She is passionate about helping women simplify their lives, beat stress, regain balance, and find joy, happiness, and inner peace. She enjoys walking, gardening, baking, backyard camping, volunteering, and Bible study.

She is the author of an entire series of  Self-Help Stress Solution Books, available on Amazon.

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