Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sharing the Joy: Weekend Crafting

Here are a few cute craft projects I came across in my new book, The Farm Chicks Christmas.

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Gift Card Holders
A felt envelope makes opening the gift card as much fun as unwrapping the gift.  To fashion an envelope, cut a strip of felt about 1/2-inch wider than the card and twice as long plus 1 inch.  Place the card approximately in the middle of the strip.  Fold up the bottom end of the strip and fold down the top end, adjusting the card so the top of the strip overlaps the bottom; crease the folds with your fingers.  Unfold the top, remove the card, and hot-glue the bottom pocket together along the left and right side edges.  Cut a vertical slit opening in the top flap for a buttonhole; affix a pretty, fabric-covered button to the pocket, opposite the slit.

TIP:  Use pinking shears or scissors with another decorative edge to cut the felt.

Holiday Yarn-Ball Wreath
This wreath is fun to make with friends or your kids; use whatever colors of yarn you like:  Wrap a 12-inch round Styrofoam wreath form with yarn or fabric strips until completely covered.  Make a hanger from the same fabric or two lengths of yarn, cutting and tying around the top of the wreath.  Wrap twelve 4-inch and twelve 3-inch Styrofoam balls with yarn in a random pattern until completely covered; tuck the end of the yarn under the wraps.  Then, using a hot-glue gun, randomly glue the 4-inch balls onto the wreath.  Allow to dry until firm.  Randomly glue the 3-inch balls onto the wreath, filling in any gaps.

Cone trees
Note:  Image from is an example and is not from the Farm Chicks book

Colorful Cone Trees
Handmade Christmas trees like these are so colorful.  Group them together for a fun and cute display.  They're a snap to create:  Simply cover Styrofoam cones with pretty paper, yarns, greenery, or fabric strips, and hot glue in place.

All craft ideas were obtained from the Country Living The Farm Chicks Christmas by Serena Thompson

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  1. Great ideas! I'm thinking of all kinds of things you could cover the cones with and things you could add. Think I'll try some for myself then, if I'm feeling it, they just may become gifts for several people!


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