Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Christmas Village/Melissa Ann Goodwin Charity Event UPDATE!

Help us reach our goal of a $25 donation to the Make a Wish Foundation.  Melissa has upped the ante and will now donate $2 to the foundation for each paperback sold (e-books will still be 50 cents per copy sold).  That means we need a sale of 10 more paperbacks and 10 e-books.  The Christmas Village would make a wonderful gift for the middle grade kids in your family.  Let's give a little back this season and share a love of reading while we're at it! Click the banner to check it out on Amazon.

Thank you to everyone who has helped out so far this weekend.  We have sold 3 paperbacks and 9 e-books with a total of $9.75 raised so far.  Help spread the word so we can reach our $25 goal!  =O)

Always in spirit....

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