Thursday, February 25, 2010

Awards...long overdue

The first order of business on this Rudolph Day is to accept some awards that are long overdue.

The first award came from Ryan at Wordsmithonia.  Thank you Ryan.  I'm glad that you think this Christmas blog is beautiful.  It means a lot! If you haven't been to Ryan's blog, I highly recommend you do.

The guidelines of this award are to tell everyone 7 things about yourself and pass it on to 7 bloggers.  I have a new rule when it comes to awards.  To eliminate the chance of anyone feeling obligated to do a post to accept an award, I'm just going to pass this on to all my awesome followers and if you would like to participate on the 7 things without doing a post, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Now, my 7 things (hope it's nothing I've already said before!):

1.  I was in Drama throughout high school and starred in most of our school plays.  I planned on going to college for performing arts--I was actually accepted at a couple of Michigan colleges--and then moving to New York to pursue an acting career.  Circumstances changed those plans.
2.  I moved to Nashville in 1991 to be a singer.  Not country...rock.  I was in a band briefly and I had a couple of auditions.  I guess it was not meant to be, as I gave it up.  The music business is hard to break in to and there was no American Idol back then.  I still sing, but just karaoke occasionally.  I still enjoy it immensely and I am content with that.
3.  One dream I haven't given up is being a writer.  Some of you probably already know that I'm working on my first novel.  Who isn't, right?! LOL!
4.  You know those cheese balls that you can buy that have the nut coating all over them?  Well, I'm addicted to them...and cream cheese.

The last three will be Christmasy:
5.  I have always wanted to start a Christmas Carolers group to go around local neighborhoods caroling, but I can't get anyone in my family to do it with me.  =O(
6.  I have such a large Christmas village collection of houses, etc. that I have to set them up in three spots during Christmas.
7.  I usually put up two Christmas trees every year.  I put up a 7 to 8 foot real tree in the Living Room and then I have a 4 foot pre-lit artificial that I put up in the library.

The second award comes to me from Carol at Carol's Notebook.  Thanks Carol! I'm glad you think The Christmas Spirti has a great look! Be sure to stop by Carol's awesome blog.

Again, I'm passing this on to all my followers.  I hope no one gets offended.  It's just that many bloggers do not like to accept awards and I'm sure we can all agree that getting around to posting about them is time consuming so this is just to make things easier on everyone.

Thank you to all my wonderful all deserve awards daily!


Note: The Christmas Spirit is an award free blog. I appreciate the gesture, but please know that your comments and friendship are enough.