Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's that time again

So...yesterday was Twelfth Night which marks the end of the "official" Christmas season for me.  It was the last day for me to listen to Christmas music and for my tree and outside lights to be lit.  The funny thing is that we're supposed to get some snow today...of course, now that Christmas is over! While I will no longer be turning my lights on, I will not take the tree down until Sunday (probably) and the outside lights are going to have to wait until we get at least above 20's too cold to be messing with that stuff right now.  Lucky I don't have really picky neighbors...LOL!

The good news is that The Christmas Spirit blog will still be spreading the cheer all year long.  Every 25th of the month is what some call Rudolph day or I sometimes refer to it as a mini-Christmas.  I break out the Christmas music (usually in the car) and watch a Christmas movie...or two.  Sometimes I work on Christmas projects or crafts, if I have time.  Two projects I need to work on are getting my Christmas organizer notebook together for the fall and painting and stenciling a cool wine crate I bought to store my Christmas CDs.  Also, July is a big month for Christmas fanatics...Christmas in July, you know! Again, during July I break out the music, the movies, the books, the crafts.  It may sound crazy, but when you're in love with Christmas like I am, it's just what you do! So how does all this translate here?  Well, I'll be blogging about Christmas topics and stories, keeping you updated on my craft/project progress (maybe even with pics!), and I may even share some recipes.  The sky's the limit in my book!

I really enjoyed starting this blog and I'm so thankful for those who are following.  Hopefully, as the new year moves on, I'll have more followers to share in the spirit.

Always in spirit!


  1. My decorations on the inside are coming down this weekend, after I get pictures. Even though I box everything up by room, I can never seem to remember what I had where and if I liked it there. The outside decorations will be there a while--there's too much snow to get to any of the lights or the wreath above the porch and the little trees on the porch are frozen solid in their containers!

  2. I'll be around all year round. Love this blog and I wouldn't miss it for anything. I was listening to Christmas music in the car yesterday.

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