Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas Poem (1)

Getting Ready for Christmas

When snow on the frozen meadow is lying,
When trees are bare, the sky overcast...
When the wind in the chimney is crying, crying,
It is then I remember the past.

Then too, we were getting ready for Christmas,
Hearing the Story, tying a bow.
Our stockings were hung on the mantelpiece -
Three stockings in a row.
I longed to be tall.  My arms could not reach
Above the first bough of the glittering tree;
Longed to be grown as those who seemed
Ten feet above me.

The wish has come true.
I am hanging the garlands
That link the chain of our lives.
The bells are ringing - the old year is dying;
The yule log is burning, the stockings are hung,
(Three stockings in a row)
And the wind in the chimney is crying.

by May Harris Gray
from Celebrating the Master's Christmas: 100 Years of Joyous Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas!


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