Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Books Read

The Christmas List--Richard Paul Evans

I really enjoyed this book.  Evans' The Christmas Box is one of my favorite Christmas books so I knew I would probably be happy with this one...and I was.  This book has a slight twist on the Dickens A Christmas Carol story, with a man having a change of heart and seeking redemption.  If you had a chance to right wrongs of the past, who would make it on your list?  "List" makes you think about the way you should treat people, not just at Christmas, but all the time.  Of course, it had me in tears near the end because that is just how these stories are.  But it's a redemptive story and a perfect read for Christmastime.

Matchless--Gregory Maguire

I always loved Hans Christian Anderson's Little Match Girl, even though it is a very heartbreaking story...some feel it's not a good story for reading around the holidays.  They may be right, but I still think it's a good story.  Maguire has taken this traditional story and incorporated it within another story.  Now it's a story of hope and, in a way, the power of the afterlife to aid those in the real world.  It's a very short book with wonderful black and white illustrations and within its pages are the true messages of, hope, and love.

Happy Christmas Reading!


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